Want to Make a Difference? There are many ways you can join us!

In Kenya, wages are about 4% of what they are in the United States. Yet living expenses are almost identical. 
Here are six of the most valuable and powerful ways you can help someone end the cycle of poverty in Kenya.

Make A Donation

Any amount makes a huge difference, especially now, with the favorable exchange rate. Online, mail-in, one-time, recurring, matching funds, legacy gifts. 100% tax deductible. 95%+ of your gift goes to direct costs for projects that are transforming people’s lives.

Get Involved

Share our work on social media, encourage friends, families and others to band together to sponsor a child or a project. Join us, whether for a service trip or a service/safari combo. Connect us with other people you know who might be interested in working with us too.

Empower People

Find a project that aligns with your heart. Help Kenyans earn a living wage. Buy a product or a service from a Kenyan we support. Pay to have a book translated, hire a minister to speak in the United States. Lend money through a low-interest social impact loan. 

Be Someone's Hero

Sponsor a volunteer to come do service work in Kenya. Gather a group to “adopt” a Kenyan and sponsor them through school, help them get short term work in the USA, pass an exam or take a course in organic farming or computing.

Send A Gift

Your gently used cell phones, tablets, laptops, inspirational and DIY books, plus new medical health items, first aid items, soap and shampoo (even travel sizes!) all help build sustainability. We bring them with us on our twice-annual trips.

Offset Travel Costs

Share airline miles or sponsor someone’s airfare.  We also welcome hotel and rental car rewards for our travels to and from Kenya, and ministering in the US with Kenyan Pastors. Click on this box for our current list of desires.

Give a MEANING-FULL Gift for Kenyans or you!

Buy "gifts" directly for our Kenyan families - like a goat, school supplies, a toilet, a mattress, solar panels, water filters, ballet lessons, swim classes - even school tuition. Buy copies of the Swahili version of "Giving Thanks" or "Lessons in Truth" for us to distribute in Kenya and pay our translators. Or grab a copy of George's book, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" for yourself.  

Your "Trash" Is a Kenyan Family's TREASURE

Got used smartphone, tablet and chargers, gently used shoes, suits, ties, dresses, blouses, skirts, and unopened lotion, soap, shampoo, vitamins, supplements, sheets and pillowcases, educational, DIY or children's books? Our Kenyan families can put them to great use!

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