Name: Keith (AKA Charlie)

Birthday: 12/03/2001

Parents: George Kaye

Keith used to go by the nickname “Charlie” – but now prefers his given name. Rev. Paula first met Keith when he was 4 years old. He’s outgoing, funny and a born leader.

In 2016, Keith gave us a neurological scare (which led to us sponsoring annual health insurance for the family – at $60 per YEAR!), but he soon recovered.

In 2017, Keith started high school. By 2018, he was a prefect in his class, and a Christian Student Union leader. 

By his second year in high school, he became very enthusiastic about computer programming and music. He was awarded most self-driven student that year – as well as being the Christian Union Vice Chairman, Secretary of his school’s arm of FOCUS (the Kenyan Christian Students Association), school Library Prefect, Assistant Dorm Prefect, Head of Environment and a Computer Club member.  Whew!

In 2019 Keith began supplementing his education by taking free on-line computer courses thanks to our getting a laptop, municipal electricity and internet at the family homestead). 

At the end of that school year, we realized Keith wasn’t being academically challenged at his current school. His teachers often had him help with lesson plans and teaching. This led us to believe that Keith would be better served by a higher level school – one with stronger computer classes, in particular. Which could lead to a college scholarship.

His father researched schools and we were able to help Keith enroll in his new school, Musingu High School, in Kakamaga. Keith has truly excelled there – and his instructors are awed by his strong computer skills.

His learning was disrupted in 2020 first by a fire in his dormitory, which meant helping replace everything from his mattress to his books. Then by the pandemic. When Kenyan schools closed for the pandemic, they were truly closed. No on-line learning in remote Kenya!

 Keith just finished Term 2 of his final year of high school (there are THREE terms in Kenya primary and secondary school years.). His final semester begins in September – and he’s set to sit for his exams and graduate in December 2022.


By October 12, 2022, we are raising 60,000 KES (approximately $525 USD) to cover tuition and registration fees for Keith’s final high school term at Musingu High School. We also seek an additional $100 for exam fees; $100 for school items such as supplies, uniforms and personal effects; $100 for transport so his family can see him graduate; and $100 as a graduation gift.

Total being raised for Keith to graduate high school: $925 USD


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