Name: Joy

Birthday: 12/13/2005

Passion: Loves science, math and English

Goal: After training as a nurse, Joy wants to start a clinic

Parents: Evans and Everlyn

Joy is the third out of six children – and the first girl in her family. Each year, her grandfather would sell a cow in order to help pay school fees. Her first two brothers made it through high school thanks to their grandfather’s generousity. But now her grandfather’s health is ailing.

In 2021, we helped Joy get into high school – a Catholic boarding school. Alas, the school had a problem with lead exposure. Joy and many of her classmates became quite sick. Joy was determined – even though she was in and out of school due to lead poisoning – to complete her first year of high school. Which she did.

She finished the year with a C average, coming in 27th out of her class of 81.

We’re eager to keep Joy’s high school education moving forward.

Joy is now in her second year of high school at a local day school, Geoff Brown Girls High School. While this is one of the “free” public high schools, there are tuition and fees that must be paid, plus lunches (31,244 KES), together with other funds required for uniforms, transportation, photocopy paper, etc. (21,400 KES) The total annual cost for this school is 52,744 KES (approximately $459 USD).

Our hope is to get Joy into one of the higher ranking local schools like Friends Kimugui Girls school, which is ranked 9th in Bungoma County. She could attend either as a day student or as a boarding student. We’re gathering additional information for the possibility of switching Joy to that school starting with the 2023 school year. The cost of attending this new school as a boarding student is still being calculated. 

By December 22, 2022, we are raising 52,744 KES (approximately $495 USD to cover tuition and registration fees for Joy’s third year of high school at Geoff Brown Girls High School. And at least the same again for her final year of high school.

Total being raised for Joy to enroll in her third year of school: $495 USD

Total being raised for Joy to graduate high school: $990 USD


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