Name: Frida

Birthday: 10/2010

Parents: James and Naomy

Frida is the oldest child of three, and the only girl. She’s an outgoing, loving child who was born with a downs syndrome condition that has affected her mentally and physically. I remember visiting with Frida and her family a few years ago, when her youngest brother was still a baby. She was bubbly and excited about both our visit and her new baby brother.

During her early years, her parents took her for physical therapy and speech therapy. This has allowed Frida to improve her speaking abilities. However, due to her condition, she has never been successful in attending a standard learning curriculum in a standard school environment.

Her father would stay home from work, attempting to teach Frida himself whenever another standard school determined they couldn’t “handle” Frida’s special needs after all. His absences from work eventually cost him his teaching job.

In October 2021, Frida’s parents took her for a learning assessment. Based on her results, the education department then recommended that Frida attend one of Kenya’s two public schools that are dedicated to offering special education for mentally handicapped students. The school best located for Frida is the Nakuru Hills Special School.

By government decree, the tuition and books are covered for all Special Education schools in Kenya. However, boarding fees, medical fees and school transport insurance must be paid. There is also a lengthy list of personal requirements. (Running from uniforms, socks, a trunk and a mattress to sanitary napkins, toilet paper and a bottle of bleach.)

We believe the learning Frida will receive at Nakuru Hills Special School – including life skills – will enable her to live a meaningful, independent life. The school is set up so that Frida can continue learning there through age 25. 

Frida was granted admission to the school in September 2021 but we were unable to raise the fees for her to attend. We hope this year to get the fees in place, so that we’re ready the minute the school has an opening. The entire school body is less than 200 students.

This school has tri-mesters… 1st and 2nd Term Boarding/medical/transport each = 10,600 KES; 3rd Term = 7,600. Total school fees per year currently are 28,800 KES – which translates to approximately $250/year. The personal requirements per year are running about 22,130 KES or approximately $192 per year. 


By October 26, 2022, we are raising 32,730 KES (approximately $285 USD) to cover 1st term boarding/medical/transport fees AND personal requirements for Frida’s first term Nakuru Hills Special School.

By December 1, we are raising a total of 50,930 (approximately $443) to cover Frida’s entires first year at school. 

Total being raised this year for Frida to begin attending school full time: $443 USD

Total being raised for Frida to attend school for the next 13 years: $5,759 USD


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