Our dream is for the Kenyan Pastors we support (and their families) to have uninterrupted education.
No small feat at times in Kenya! We currently provide educational support to 28 Pastors and their families.
Below you’ll find photos of the individual students (alphabetically by first name), their hopes, dreams and desires and
their educational path to date.
Click on any student to learn more about their story and the specific costs we’re looking to cover this year.

Wilberforce lost his life defending a dream for his daughters to be educated

After his murder, his wife and daughters hid each night in the bush. Avoiding the men who wanted to sell them off as child brides. Until Elemina could get the girls out of the village. Wilberforce’s second son, George Kaye (our Associate Minister), vowed to do everything he could to carry on his father’s dream for generations of girls to come.

Every child has a story. A dream. And you have the power to make those dreams come true. To create a happy ending to the story. We welcome individuals, families, and groups of all type to sponsor a child! (Read on to discover the incredible spirit of each individual student!)


Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we need sponsors if school in Kenya is free?

Kenya offers mandatory school through 5th grade. Free school through 8th grade. But in each grade children need uniforms, school supplies and exam fees. Which usually cost as much or MORE each year than a Kenyan family makes in a month. In addition, most Kenyan public schools only teach in Swahili – not English. To get out of poverty, learning English is a must.

How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?

Keeping a child in public school for a year costs $50 per year. $6 a month. Keeping a child in a private primary (elementary) school ranges from $43/month to $60/month. Secondary school can run up to $175/month (about $2100/year). College runs about $4000/year including room and board.

How Do I Choose Which Child to Sponsor?

Read about each child. Pick one or more that resonates with you. We’ll update the site each month to show our progress and who is funded for the year, or through elementary school, secondary school or trade school/university. And we’ll keep you posted on the progress your student is making.

Is this a one-time payment or an on-going donation?

We welcome one time donations as well as on-going donations and “lifetime of student” donations. You can donate to a specific child’s education or into our “general education fund.” Those funds get allocated to wherever the need is most pressing. Our goal is to keep elementary school children in school without interruption. Second goal is to get children through high school. Third goal is to help them get a college education – which is a game changer economically in Kenya.

How are funds paid for school tuition, school supplies and personal costs?

We directly wire school tution and fees from the Gathering’s bank account to the school’s bank account, using the Student’s ID number. School supplies and uniforms that need to be paid by the student, as well as their additional costs, boarding expenses, daily meal expenses, transportation and personal items/costs required for students are paid directly to the school whenever possible. Otherwise, funds are paid to the parents based on current rates for such expenses. When a parent doesn’t have a bank account, we pay the funds to Pastor George’s account so they can be directly transfered to the parents for these expenses.

Click on each student’s picture to see their goals, dreams, favorite subjects and hobbies… and see for yourself how little money is
needed to get them through school and out of poverty!

[This feature is in progress!]

Angel (1/23/2008)

Angel is in Grade 8. She’s currently enrolled in xxx school.

Anne (9/7/2006)

Anne is in her third year of high school (Form 3) at Kwanza Girls’ School. In addition to being a serious student, she plays field hockey.

Dennis (10/20/2000)

Dennis dropped out of a Mechanical Training School due to lack of funds. He wishes to continue with his course of study. He loves driving and wants to become an expert driver. Dennis loves football and singing. He also has an entrepreneurial spirit. He intends to start keeping chickens for the purpose of selling eggs and meat to pay for a vehicle. Once he has his own vehicle, Dennis plans to drive to various areas of the country to earn extra income selling eggs and chickens at market.

Emmanuel (12/24/2010)

Emmanuel is in Grade 6 at Ngeria West Academy.

Esther (9/27/2007)

Esther is finishing up her final term for her first year in high school (Form 1). She wants to pursue a position in the teaching profession. She loves indoor games – especially table tennis.

Favor (2010)

Favor is in Grade 5. While public school is free, payments are required for uniforms, school supplies and exams. Total amount for each year is: $50.

Frida (10/2010)

Frida is an amazing young woman with special needs. She has Down’s Syndrome and other developmental issues. We would love to get Frida into the Nakuru Hills Special School. Kenya’s Special Education division covers tuition, but in order for her to attend she’ll need to pay boarding, medical and transportation costs, plus the supplies needed for boarding.

Gabriel (2016)

Gabriel is in Grade 1. While public school is free, payments are required for uniforms, school supplies and exams. Total amount for each year is: $50.

Gregory (10/20/2000)

Gregory is in his second year in college, studying electrical engineering and electronics, with a focus on municipal power.

Irene (02/08/1996)

Irene is a lawyer-in-waiting. She is currently finishing up her undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Law) and is finishing up her final attachment (internship). Once she’s completed that and her Legal Aid attachment, she will graduate college. She will then join the Kenyan School of Law for a two-year diploma. This will enable her to be licensed as Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Her dream is to obtain her JD in Manchester, England and practice International Law. Irene’s hobby is swimming.

Israel (2013)

Israel is in Grade 3. While public school is free, payments are required for uniforms, school supplies and exams. Total amount for each year is: $50.

Joshua (10/06/2011)

Joshua is in Primary School, Grade 6. He’d love to train as a computer engineer after school. He likes athletics, painting and drawing. He loves arts and crafts. He was in the top 10 students in his previous class. While public school is free, payments are required for uniforms, school supplies and exams. Total amount for each year is: $50.

Joy (12/13/2005)

Joy has just started her second year in high school (Form Two). She loves science, math and English and wishes to become a nurse after school. After establishing her nursing skills, she wants to start a community clinic. Joy’s hobbies include singing, cooking and drama. In her primary school, Joy was among the top 10 students in the entire school, third in her class.

Keith (12/03/2001)

Keith is in his final year of High School (Form 4) and will be sitting for his final exams in December 2022. This will enable him to join University for a course of his desire. He loves Computer Programming and Engineering. His hobbies are gaming, cycling and making people laugh. Keith has served in many leadership positions. He leads the Computer & Mathematics Club and is a School Library Prefect.

Kevin (09/24/2008)

Kevin joined high school in 2022. He want to become a teacher and work in a public school once he graduates. He loves English, math and social studies. His great hobby is his love of football (soccer).

Lavender (11/25/2000)

Lavender graduated high school three years ago and was accepted at University to study Medicine. For financial reasons, she has not been able to continue her studies. She loves science and biology. Her hobbies are watching skating, and she dreams of travelling. She looks forward to getting to attend college when funds permit her to do so.

Leon (04/12/1999)

Leon completed his second year of undergraduate work in Law and had to withdraw (for a second time) for financial reasons. He supplemented our school scholarships by teaching Swahili classes online. Leon looks forward to returning to school to complete his coursework, graduate and attend the Kenya School of Law so he can receive his diploma and become Licensed as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. His hobbies are reading, watching movies and athletics.

Lydia (5/24/2000)

Lydia completed her first semester of her first year of college, but dropped out due to lack of funds. We’d like to see her enrolled again at Mt. Kenya University. Her field of study is xxx.

Manase (10/13/2019)

Manase is now at an age to attend Primary School. He will be joining the starting class in school (PP1) in 2023. While public school is free, payments are required for uniforms, school supplies and exams. Total amount for each year is: $50.

Morgan (10/10/2002)

Morgan is in college, studying Information Technology (IT).

Nikol (9/1/2015)

Nikol is in her second year of pre-school (PP2).

Paula (08/28/2011)

Paula is in Primary School, Grade 5 and a strong mathematician. Her hobbies are cooking, drawing and swimming.

Paulette (08/28/2011)

Paulette is in Primary School, Grade 5. She’s a good student of English and her hobbies are dancing, drama and swimming.

Phoeb (8/22/2012)

Phoeb is in Grade 2. She loves singing and poetry and wants to be a teacher.

Precious (6/9/2019)

Precious is preparing to start pre-school.

Rabecca (2004)

Rabecca is in college, studying Music.

Rachel (DOB)

Rachel is not currently in school.

Robert (08/18/2004)

Robert completed high school in 2021. His wish is to join a two-year Teacher’s Training College so he may graduate as a teacher. He excels in music, business and chemistry and was first in his class in both music and business and led his school’s entire music department. Robert has astonishing musical abilities; he sings and plays multiple instruments including keyboard and the drums. In addition to teaching, he dreams of having a music studio and selling instruments.

Rogers (12/24/2013)

Rogers is in Primary School, Grade 2. He wants to be an Army man. He likes playing football (soccer) and reciting poems.

Sarah (4/8/2004)

Sarah is in the final term of her third year of high school (Form 3) at Wiyeta Girls Secondary School. She wants to pursue a career in medicine. She has special talents in music and drama.

Sauda (06/04/2004)

Sauda is entering her third year in high school.

Sidney (12/21/2009)

Sidney is entering Grade 7

Sinza (3/21/2006)

Sinza is entering her second year in high school, at Geoff Brown.

Trizah (2015)

Trizah is in Grade 1 at Royal Academy.

Victor (6/18/2018)

Victor is in pre-school at Ngeria West Academy.

Yvonne (12/12/2004)

Yvonne’s father died when she was very young. She has finished her second year of high school. She had started her third year of high school (Form 3) but had to withdraw due to lack of school funds.

Zanira (12/21/2012)

Zanira is entering Grade 2.

Zedrick (10/18/2004)

Zedrick’s father died when he was very young. He has completed his second year of high school. He started his third year of high school (Form 3) but withdrew due to lack of school fees.

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