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2019 Annual Letter

We took the words literally, and actively sought bigger solutions for the main family we’ve worked with in Kenya for nearly 15 years, George and Naomi. We took it into prayer and were guided to reverse our goals for 2019. Our primary goal became housing security, to create a firm foundation for the family. Our secondary goal: get all the children back in school. Our third goal: income-producing food security. I’m proud to announce that we accomplished our first goal AND moved all others forward in big ways.

2018 Annual Letter

You’ll be delighted to learn that our projects took giant steps toward being self-supporting in 2018. Pastor George, his family and his larger community are so grateful for our 2018 donations. Every dollar has helped move them forward toward full sustainability…

2017 Annual Letter

One day, during my first week in Kenya in 2007, I returned to Pastor George’s house to find all his children excitedly gathered around a laptop. Eager to see what fun game had captured their attention so thoroughly on their summer break, I wandered over. They were teaching themselves Spanish!

2016 Annual Letter

This year’s quote has much meaning to me. A decade ago I first answered the call to go to Kenya. I was on the tail end of a long speaking tour. Tired and frustrated and driving through a remote section of Virginia, my ego was running rampant and I did the only thing I could do. I surrendered…