Working Abroad in the US

Working Abroad in the US


We’re currently working on getting two Kenyans to the United States to work. One will be on an R-1 religious visa and the other will be on a temporary visa for to assist with the nursing shortage in Colorado. We’ll be bringing Pastor George over annual for 6-8 months per year, to preach and teach classes, and speak at conferences where invited. We’re also arranging for him to take classes while he’s here. These classes will be for religious education, as well as for organic gardening, and sustainable landscaping such as the building of pathways, retaining walls and fences and the installation of drip irrigation systems, solar lighting, etc.

We’re also working on getting a Kenyan nurse here to work as an RN. The project details for her are current in our Nursing and Computer Classes section, since she has to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and have an offer for employment from a hospital. The hospitals work with nursing agencies to arrange for passports and visas, so we believe there will be little extra expense to bring her here, after she passes the exam.

We do have an upcoming third project in this area, since one of our high school students just finished her last high school exam in November, 2019. Her desire is to attend college in the United States, at a school with a strong program in medical research.

Here are the next steps for these projects:

  • Arrange for travel for Pastor George to Nairobi to pick up his R-1 visa once it’s approved. ($225)
  • Arrange for travel for Pastor George to America. ($1200)
  • Have ministers reach out who are interested in sponsoring Pastor George to speak at their church or center.
  • Prepare a nurse to attend the NCLEX-RN exam in London, travel and test ($1500) so she can come to the U.S. to work several years at a hospital and build significant savings for family.
  • Have people connect us to alumni at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz), Grinnell College and any other college with strong programs in Medical Research where they have strong international student bodies and strong financial support for international students.
  • Sponsorship for incoming college freshman to make her college education a reality.

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