University Tuition

University Tuition

In the United States, on average, it takes $42,999 to get a child from pre-K through high school graduation in the public school system. Would you believe that amount is nearly three and half times what it costs for an entire 4-year UNIVERSITY education at one of Kenya’s top colleges?

A mere $1,600 a semester is all it takes for tuition, room and board. That comes out to $134/month.

When we see students with great aptitude, strong study skills and a healthy desire to better Kenya, we pay attention. We take time to learn how we can help them achieve their dreams – and then we take action to move that dream forward, even if it’s pole pole (slowly) as they say in Swahili. Both the current University students we sponsor are well over traditional college age (one is 23, the other is 21). They are highly motivated and studying law. One is pursuing a career path for international law. The other is destined for high courts. Both have participated in Moot Court Competitions as we await funds to return them to their third and second years of college, hopefully starting the January 2020 term.

We’re looking for lawyers or others interested in “adopting” these college students to see them through to graduation. Due to the parliamentary system in Kenya, both wish to go on to Manchester, England to pursue their J.D. A donation of less than $150/month would make that happen. You and two others joining together to donate $50 a month would make that happen!

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