Secondary School Tuition

Secondary School Tuition

Only 17% of children who graduate from primary school, will start high school. Often, a child will test into a good high school only to not have the resources to attend. Pastor George is a perfect example. He was accepted into The Salvation Army’s highly ranked Kolanya Boy’s High School. But he couldn’t afford the school fees. The first time he set foot on the campus was when his older son Leon started school there. Now his youngest son, Keith, is in his second year there.

To make high school graduation a possibility, we sponsor highly motivated children. We currently support two children in high school and we have several other strong students who are currently unable to attend high school due to finances. A four-year high school education in Kenya costs $4,080. Combined with the $4,644 for the nine years of primary school, it costs $9,724 to get a child educated through high school. (Compared to an average of $42,999 in America!)

Your $85 monthly donation or an annual donation of $1020 is all it takes to keep a child in high school for a year. We also welcome donated assets or bequests to help build our tuition endowment fund!

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