Primary School Tuition

Primary School Tuition

We all want our children to have the best education possible. We select our neighborhoods based on available schools, or pay to have our children attend schools that we believe will give our children a head start in life, yes? Early education, and continuous, uninterrupted education, is the first step to helping a Kenyan child escape poverty. More than that, though, the choice of primary school actually can determine your future in Kenya. During their last year of primary school, students sit for the national Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination (KCPE), Your results determine which secondary school or and technical school you’re then eligible to attend.

When families are working to increase their earning power, we make it possible for children to learn at schools that provide more well-rounded and extensive education that the public schools.

For just $43/month, you can provide primary school tuition for a child for a full year. Adopt a child for primary school for anywhere from one year to all 9 years. (K-8). A monthly donation of $43 is all it takes. Or prepay for a year ($516). Or help build our tuition endowment fund by donating cash, or assets.

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