Nursing & Computer Classes

Nursing & Computer Classes


The most successful Kenyans who have achieved their success with integrity often have a common denominator. In some way, they’ve been able to either join an international organization that pays American or European wages, or they’ve been able to work in the United States on a temporary visa for a few years. Combined with strong financial education, such work opportunities lay a firm financial foundation for these individuals and their families.

To ensure Kenyans can pay off their mortgages and become self-sustaining, we’re dedicated to helping two particular groups of workers: Nurses and “high tech” workers (including software engineers, computer programmers, programmer analysts, and systems analysts.

When we spot exceptional candidates with a strong work ethic, we take action to help them connect with potential employers. Currently, we are helping one nurse prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam, which is mandatory for Kenyan registered nurses looking to obtain temporary employment or a green card to work in the U.S. as a nurse. A nurse must also pass an English language proficiency text with an emphasis on medical terminology (TOEFL). The nurse we are working with has connected with other nurses to form a study group for successful testing results.

We are also helping two people take computer classes. One for basic computer skills and the other for programming skills.

Our projects this year in this area:

  • Prepare a nurse for the NXLEX-RN and TOEFL exams. Provide access to additional on-line self-studying tools for the NCLEX-RN exam from Kaplan. ($618)
  • Provide preparatory study tools for the TOEFL exam, including on-line self-studying tools. ($90)
  • Arrange for testing for the TOEFL exam in Eldoret, Kenya. ($100)
  • Arrange for travel expenses for nurse to take NCLEX-RN exam in London; includes cost of travel, housing, food and the exam. ($1500)
  • Procure a new or refurbished laptop with wi-fi access, so a budding programmer can take free online classes to build his skills. ($220)
  • Arrange for low-cost in-person computer programing classes. (avg. cost $15 ea.)
  • Arrange for a low-cost computer basics in-person class for an adult to better understand how to use a computer’s functions and various software necessary for creating and maintaining budgets, and tracking farm expenses, income and profitability. (avg. cost $15 ea.)

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