Ministerial Speaking

Ministerial Speaking

We have dynamic Kenya preachers who are on the ground with us. They travel to different churches, or lead their own churches. And other preachers have us speak at their churches as well. It’s gotten to the point that we’re having to turn down speaking engagements in order to have time for meetings and to move forward our sustainable projects. We’d like to bring everyone together for a single conference in Western Kenya. For that we’ll need housing and food costs, as well as the cost to rent the space (usually a local high school makes their space available to us), and the cost for any books we distribute. ($1,000)

We will also be bringing Pastor George to the United States to speak and teach beginning in March 2020. His most widely heralded talks are:

  • The Winning Attitude
  • Forward EVER, Backward NEVER
  • Overcoming the power of your past

If you’re interested in having him speak, teach a class or give a talk at a conference, please let us know. He’ll likely be in the US until October, 2020.

Our particular needs in this area are:

  • Solid speaking dates booked
  • Donations to offset travel costs ($1,200)

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