Hospital Building

Hospital Building

Finishing the hospital in Bokoholo is a top priority. It will provide vitally necessary health care for 180,000 area residents. It will provide additional jobs, including a good paying job for Naomi who has decades of experience as a registered nurse and as a ward nurse. By enhancing her education in the U.S. while working as a nurse, she will gain administration skills that will help her establish and grow the hospital nursing staff.

The first step is to finish the construction of the hospital. Aside from the clean water project for drilling the well and building the water tank and tower, additional next steps will include setting up the sewage system, which we’ll outline as we get closer to that moment.

In the meantime, here are the projects we’re working on next to make this community hospital a reality:

  • Make and fit 19 doors ($28 ea)
  • Make and fit 30 windows ($25 ea)
  • Install ceiling board in all rooms ($1400)
  • Install finish board trim for ceilings ($295)
  • Install ventilation grills ($400)
  • Install three metal security doors ($550)
  • Pour cement entrance way ($1000)
  • Sand for the cement entrance way ($500)
  • Install Lab fittings ($500)
  • Run electric wiring and connect electricity throughout hospital ($1600)
  • Paint interior (450)
  • Waiting room benches ($600)
  • Door labels ($30)
  • Examination beds ($1000)
  • Tables, trays, cupboards, iv stands, chairs, etc. ($1000)
  • Toilets ($150)
  • Double and glass doors ($600)

The hospital will be open in stages, first as a health clinic, then as an urgent care facility, then an outpatient facility, then offering modest in-patient care. We will consider ourselves fully staffed with a full time director, full time head nurse, 2-3 doctors, 2-3 nurses, 2 technicians, 2 custodial staff, 2 security staff and 2 cooks. We will request volunteer doctors and nurses to come for 30-90 days from Europe, Canada and the United States, to start. This will help offset salaries as the hospital becomes established and running to its full capacity.

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