Yard Projects

Yard Projects

The most time sensitive project for the yard is to create the fully fenced yard for pasture-raised chickens. To fully secure the homestead, we need stone pillars and a front gate at the close end of the driveway, plus a front privacy screen (to prevent others from dropping in over the existing 1 meter fence). We also have two small projects. Here’s what’s needed to get the fencing/yard security project accomplished:

Big Projects:

  • Complete the fencing where it’s missing and line with heavy chicken wire so chickens can roam freely and dine on grubs, fly larva and table scraps/peelings. Plus stray dogs can be excluded from the yard. ($855)
  • Construct supporting concrete and stone pillars for front gate for security and for installation of the front gate. ($400)
  • Purchase and install a solid metal front gate at the top of the driveway with a pedestrian entry door. ($850)
  • Install privacy security tin sheet fence panels between the neighbor’s yard. ($450)

Small Projects:

  1. Hire handyman to come clean out gutters, fix the pitch and examine ways to collect additional rainwater from the front side of the house. When municipal water is out, increased water storage can be used for cooking and bathing. ($50)
  2. Install two solar lights for the path to the outdoor bathhouse and for inside the bathhouse. This eliminates the risk of injury when going out to the bathroom in the dark. Also eliminates the need to have a second person outside holding the light for someone who is using the toilet or bathing. ($65)

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