Food and Furnishings

Food and Furnishings


When Pastor George and Naomi took possession of their home, it was still partially furnished with the previous owners’ belongings. They were building their new home on the other side of town and weren’t ready to move their furniture. They generously let the family use the refrigerator, dining room table and chairs, living room couches and chairs, bedframes and mattresses until they came to collect them all in early October, 2019.

So far, the family has purchased a used living room couch. The rest of the furnishings have yet to be replaced, aside from two blankets for the children. Here are our desires, in order of importance to the family. We’ve checked with local bed makers and a twin bed frame runs approximately $165. So we’re estimating that the bunkbed sets and the double bed frame will each run about $330. Twin foam mattresses are $60 each and each double mattress is $100.

  • Beds – 2 sets of bunkbeds (1 for each bedroom) and a double bed for each room as well. (approx. $1,350)
  • Mattresses – 4 twin and 2 double (approx. $480)
  • Dining Room table with 10 chairs (to fit entire family plus two guests). In addition to being a family gathering place to eat and meet, it’s also where the children study when they’re not at school. ($450)
  • Refrigerator – This creates a place for meat to be frozen, and for leftovers to be stored (usually they’re stored in a cabinet with another plate on top of them. A refrigerator also eliminates the need for frequent trips to town to purchase perishable food which saves on food costs as well as fuel and wear and tear on the farm truck. ($380)

Food and Transportation items:

We’ve got two food projects and one transportation project on this list right now:

  • Goat for bulk meat and goat processing. A goat can provide 25-30kg of meat; enough for the family for two months. Goat processing includes the slaughter and the preparation of the meet into packages for freezing. All parts of the goat are put to use in various ways, including the hide and the hooves. ($70) and ($12 for processing)
  • Food items that can’t be grown, raised or bartered. There are a few staples (and a few treats that we’re always looking to add: bread, butter, honey, tea, sugar, rice, flour, cooking oil, and treats for the children – they’re very fond of yogurt, strawberries, and Cadbury chocolate bars.
  • Farm Truck tune up. Keeping the truck running for the sustainable farming, fetching of grasses and feed for the animals, and running errands into town is essential to our success. Which is why we have so many “transportation” related items in our “shop.” A full tune up, with new fluids and filters all the way around is $30.

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