New Churches

While we do occasionally speak at larger churches and conferences, most churches we speak at are community churches in rural neighborhoods – including larger churches that have small congregations. There’s a waiting list of people longing for us to come and speak and George was paid $160 in speaking fees and tithes in the most recent month, from speaking in Kenya. He’s a pastor-boosting preacher, known by his fellow pastors as Bishop Kaye rather than Pastor George and churches actively seek him out to speak.

George incorporates new thought teachings into his Bible-based sermons, as he begins to help transform the traditional churches in to “elevation” churches, where people leave church feeling uplifted and empowered, with life skills and inspiration.

He’s active in having the children and young adults engaged in ministry, and we welcome involvement from churches and centers involved with AGNT, ANTA, CSL, Divine Science, INTA, UFBL and Unity who are interested in “adopting” projects in Kenya, or inviting George to speak.

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