Hand-selected projects. Personally vetted by us!

We invest in people first. People with a proven track record of uplifting their community in selfless ways. We visit to understand and vet their accomplishments. We make constructive suggestions, provide some initial support to help them move a piece of their work forward. We listen to what they envision and the “why” behind their vision – and the steps they’ve planned. We help them strategize a clear path forward. It’s never linear. It’s never on a set timetable. It’s always a long game, as they say. Everything we do is governed by the donations we receive. Everything is unfolding in Divine Order. Each and every time. If you’ve ever had anyone give you a hand-up that made a difference in your life, you’ll understand how YOU can be the difference that moves someone out of poverty forever.

Sustainable Farming

Supporting community farms that employ locals, feed families and generate income beyond subsistence levels.

Quality Education

Giving children early access, a fresh start when interrupted, and advanced education to lift a family out of poverty.

Financial Stability

Customizing systems and strategies in every area so families move from survival to permanent sustainability.

Spiritual Support

Providing hope to those seeking positive tools for growth, conflict resolution and spiritual connection, training ministers, translating books and building new thought churches.

Health & Wellness

Digging clean wells, installing indoor plumbing and building community hospitals for greater health and longevity.

Home Improvement

Ensuring housing security over homelessness by helping Kenyan families purchase homes and build sustainable home businesses.

Where does my donation go?

Transparency has been the key to our success for more than a decade. When you give to a specific project, your funds go directly to that project. No middlemen. No big salaries. No huge overhead administration costs. 95%+ of every year’s donations are used for direct project costs. If a family discovers a more pressing need after we’ve secured your donation, we’ll personally call you or reach out via email to double check that it’s okay with you if they buy new tires for their farm truck instead of installing that solar panel you donated. You can support individual projects (listed below) and on our “Most Pressing Needs” Page, or you can give a general donation to be put towards our current most pressing needs. We also welcome donations to offset travel costs and wire-transfer fees, etc.¬†

Give a MEANING-FULL Gift for Kenyans or you!

Buy "gifts" directly for our Kenyan families - like a goat, school supplies, a toilet, a mattress, solar panels, water filters, ballet lessons, swim classes - even school tuition. Buy copies of the Swahili version of "Giving Thanks" or "Lessons in Truth" for us to distribute in Kenya and pay our translators. Or grab a copy of George's book, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" for yourself.  

Your "Trash" Is a Kenyan Family's TREASURE

Got used smartphone, tablet and chargers, gently used shoes, suits, ties, dresses, blouses, skirts, and unopened lotion, soap, shampoo, vitamins, supplements, sheets and pillowcases, educational, DIY or children's books? Our Kenyan families can put them to great use!