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Yes, You make a difference. Make your impact on the world today.

Housing insecurity is a one of top issues that keep Kenyans in poverty. Imagine having to move every year, or having your family dispersed across the country living with friends and relatives because you can’t afford to rent a house. Ensuring housing security for Kenyan families is a game-changer. In 2019, we helped our first Kenyan family purchase a home in Kenya, through a low-interest social impact mortgage loan. This avoids having property sold out from under tenants who have active farming in progress. It also eliminates the risk of landlords raising rents due to foreign support. Their ability to repay the mortgage rests on their ability to increase their earning power.

Where Your Donation Goes

Beyond donations, social impact loans make a huge difference for Kenyan families. As an investor you get paid back, with interest. Or you can use your annual principal payback as a donation! A great way to make a big difference now and get a tax break. To help Kenyan families afford their mortgage payments, we seek out home based business opportunities from American and European organizations, such as translation work. We also help improve earning power through computer classes and nursing classes which can lead to temporary employment in the United States. One year of work in the U.S. can generate the equivalent of 7-10 years of income working in Kenya. We also actively look for ways to employ ministers overseas with the same goal.

Empower People

Find a project that aligns with your heart. Help Kenyans earn a living wage. Pay to have a book translated, hire a minister to speak in the United States. Lend money through a low-interest social impact loan.

Make A Donation

With the favorable exchange rate, everything you give makes a huge difference. One-time, recurring, legacy gifts, matching funds. 100% tax deductible. 95%+ goes to direct project costs to transform people’s lives.

Spread the Word

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Give a MEANING-FULL Gift for Kenyans or you!

Buy "gifts" directly for our Kenyan families - like a goat, school supplies, a toilet, a mattress, solar panels, water filters, ballet lessons, swim classes - even school tuition. Buy copies of the Swahili version of "Giving Thanks" or "Lessons in Truth" for us to distribute in Kenya and pay our translators. Or grab a copy of George's book, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" for yourself.  

Your "Trash" Is a Kenyan Family's TREASURE

Got used smartphone, tablet and chargers, gently used shoes, suits, ties, dresses, blouses, skirts, and unopened lotion, soap, shampoo, vitamins, supplements, sheets and pillowcases, educational, DIY or children's books? Our Kenyan families can put them to great use!