Health & Wellness Accomplishments

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About 40% of all Kenyans rely on unclean water sources for drinking, cooking, hand-washing and bathing. In Kenya, 4 out of 100 children won’t live to see their fifth birthday. One out of every 300 mothers will die in childbirth (mostly due to complications during home birth – many women don’t make it to the hospital due to distance. Community wells and hospitals severely reduce illness and increase health and life expectancy. Before we began working in Kenya, one of our pastors had partnered with an American ministry to build a community well and to begin building a community hospital in Bokoholo, an area outside of Bungoma. The donors requested that a fountain with a bronze sculpture and plaque be erected first; diverting essential resources that could have helped complete the hospital. We have a strict policy of not naming anything after any of us in Kenya. The sole exception: One pastor named his twins after our founder (Paula and Paulette). The sculpture and plaque have since been sold and used to move a family onto the hospital property as caretakers to prevent looting, and to build new latrines since the previous ones had filled up.

Where Your Donation Goes

Our first step toward improving health and wellness of Kenyans was to invest in a $100 part for the Bokoholo well pump which had broken due to lack of maintenance. We also initiated a “barter” payment system, where people in the community would bring an egg, some produce, or a few shillings, in exchange for filling up their water containers. This provided necessary resources for the well’s caretaker to keep the well maintained. In 2016, the well went dry. Our current project is to have a deep well dug on the hospital property (which is fully owned, not rented), and build a water tower and tank so it will be able to service the hospital as well as the community. Our next steps for the hospital are to finish the rough out of the electricity and plumbing, installing interior doors, and installing sinks and toilets. Indoor plumbing and municipal water has also been installed and connected in the homestead bathrooms and kitchen.

Empower People

Find a project that aligns with your heart. Help Kenyans earn a living wage. Pay to have a book translated, hire a minister to speak in the United States. Lend money through a low-interest social impact loan.

Make A Donation

With the favorable exchange rate, everything you give makes a huge difference. One-time, recurring, legacy gifts, matching funds. 100% tax deductible. 95%+ goes to direct project costs to transform people’s lives.

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Buy "gifts" directly for our Kenyan families - like a goat, school supplies, a toilet, a mattress, solar panels, water filters, ballet lessons, swim classes - even school tuition. Buy copies of the Swahili version of "Giving Thanks" or "Lessons in Truth" for us to distribute in Kenya and pay our translators. Or grab a copy of George's book, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" for yourself.  

Your "Trash" Is a Kenyan Family's TREASURE

Got used smartphone, tablet and chargers, gently used shoes, suits, ties, dresses, blouses, skirts, and unopened lotion, soap, shampoo, vitamins, supplements, sheets and pillowcases, educational, DIY or children's books? Our Kenyan families can put them to great use!