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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included some specifics about volunteering with us below or you can check out our main FAQ page for more information.

How do I donate?

There are many incredible ways you can make a difference with The Village Gathering. You can share your time, energy, knowledge, financial resources, connections – even  things you’re not using anymore. You can donate on-line, via Venmo, or mail in donations. You can set up a monthly or annual donation, endorse us for matching funds from your employer or for grants from donor-assisted funds. You can make a legacy donation or donate stocks, bonds or other assets. You can donate to a specific project, a specific child or family member, or a specific ministry. You can donate to our travel or general funds. We are also open to impact investing – and offer no- and low-interest loans, enabling you to help us do good while getting your money back. Details on our current needs and specific donation information can be found here.

Are my travel expenses covered or reimbursed?

Currently, travel expenses are only covered or reimbursed when we have directed donations to offset travel expenses. We do everything we can to keep travel expenses down. We stay at local hotels rather than tourist ones. We use Pastor George as our driver and George and Pastor Evans as our translators. We eat at home as much as possible. All travel expenses for service trips are 100% tax-deductible (and 80% is tax-deductible for service-safari trips).

How do I get more information if I'm interested in a service/safari trip?

Our upcoming service/safari trips will definitely be broadcast on our Facebook page and in our newsletter and blog. Looks like July 2020 will be a good time – it’s always based on people’s interest. So if you’re committed to coming for a service safari trip, write and let us know when good days are (allow at least 14 days!) for you.

What's required to travel to Kenya?

Patience, the ability to go with the flow and complete non-attachment to everything – especially to “how” anything “should” be done. Oh, you meant travel-related, right? There’s a $50 visa entrance fee (always best to have in cash, or you can pre-purchase online). There are no required vaccines, although some people do like to get vaccinated against Yellow Fever, and Malaria. Anti-malarial pills are another suggestion. While not required, knowing at least a little Swahili is always a good thing. I highly recommend Duolingo.

What can I expect during a typical service trip?

“Expect the unexpected” is my first thought. You might see baboons hanging out on the side of the highway, waiting for someone to toss some food out. Or you might see an overturned petrol truck explode while people are attempting to salvage fuel. It’s truly the circle of life in Kenya. We always create a “plan” for what we’ll be accomplishing, and we’ve learned to keep it as simple as possible. Moving things forward is always our goal. We do whatever needs to be done. Helping with cooking, chores, running errands to collect items needed, doing book study groups, helping with planting, animal husbandry, painting, hammering, etc. We’re usually up early (around 6am) and sometimes dinner isn’t until 10pm. If you’re coming from a low altitude (Kenya is about the same altitude as Denver), you can expect to take naps. We eat whatever people have available to serve us, If you have dietary restrictions, please know you’ll need to be creative to get enough nutrition, especially if you’re gluten free, strictly keto or vegan. Rev. Paula stays at the homestead with Pastor George and his family. Additional people are invited to stay as well, space permitting, or they are housed at nearby local East African hotels. 

How do I know when there are upcoming and available service trips?

There’s always an upcoming service trip! Write and let us know you’re interested, and we’ll make sure you’re on the in-country volunteers list. Also check The Village Gathering blog and like and follow our Facebook page for details on when the next trip is happening. And if you have specific questions, call the number below and Rev. Paula will gladly talk with you.

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