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How can I donate to The Village Gathering?

There are many incredible ways you can make a difference with The Village Gathering. You can share your time, energy, knowledge, financial resources, connections – even  things you’re not using anymore. You can donate online, via Venmo, or mail-in donations. You can set up a monthly or annual donation. You can make a legacy donation or donate stocks, bonds or other assets. You can donate to a specific project, a specific child or family member, or a specific ministry. You can donate to our travel or general funds.

Details on our current needs and specific donation information can be found here.

How can I help your organization?

You can help immensely by spreading the word and actively engaging other people, sharing why and how we’re creating sustainable solutions in Kenya. Enlist your sorority, organization members, church group, family or best pals to adopt one of our projects. List us as a preferred charity everywhere you can. Recommend us to folks connected with donor-advised funds. Write about us on your social media. Hire one of our Kenyan translators to translate a book into Swahili, or book a Kenyan minister in America!

Another way to help is through “impact investing.” Make a no- or low-interest loan where you can make a big difference in our projects AND get your principal back.

Email us from the form below to discuss particulars or to set up a phone call.

What will my donation support?

The Village Gathering builds self-sustainability for families and rural communities in Western Kenya by creating access to education, clean water, health care, abundant food production, secure housing, job creation, conflict reconciliation, and spiritual support.

We support and empower hand-selected individuals and families as they design and implement local solutions in their communities, with the goal of eliminating the economic instability that leads to illiteracy, child brides, HIV-infection, malnutrition, homelessness and subsistence living. We work primarily in Trans-Nzoia and Bungoma Counties. 

The bottom line? Your donations will support The Village Gathering in many ways, and you can make your donation as specific or as general as you want! Details on our current needs and further donation information can be found here.

Whom do I contact if I have a question or problem?

If you ever have a question that is not found on our website, please don’t hesitate to use the form located on the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I want to help Kenya! How can I join you?

You can join us on any of our upcoming service visits. We schedule them one at a time. Currently, our next service visit is departing JFK Airport in NYC on January 22, 2020 and returning February 2nd (arriving in NYC on February 3rd). We’re testing out the non-stop from JFK to Nairobi! The next trip will likely be in late July 2020.

We also offer the opportunity to join a service/safari trip if “going on safari” is on your bucket list. The trip includes time in one of Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara National Parks. The late July trip may be a service/safari trip if people are interested.

And if you’re not up for international travel, we welcome sponsorship donations for folks we are interested in coming to be of service!

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Glad you asked! When you make a donation or buy an item in our store, you will receive a receipt via email. So be sure to correctly enter in your email during the checkout process. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to email us via the form on the bottom of this page.

Can I purchase items or gifts that support you?

Yes, you most definitely can! When you purchase something from our Store, you are directly supporting our projects in Kenya.

How can I cancel my online donation?

Simply put: depending on how you submitted your donation, will depend on how it gets cancelled.

If you donated through PayPal, please read their help article on cancelling a payment that you already sent.

If you setup a recurring donation (e.g. monthly) via PayPal, please read their help article on cancelling a “subscription” or recurring payment.

If you mailed a check, or donated directly via our website, please reach out to us as soon as possible via the form located on the bottom of this page.


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