Learn Swahili with a Native Speaker (and Me)!

You’re invited….

Ever get antsy waiting to do something you want to do?

I’d really like to be back in Kenya. But travel to Kenya (and, like, 81 other countries) is still a no go from here.

Now, you know, I’m a patient gal.

But all this inactivity is making me crazy (okay, crazy-er)…

So… while I’ve been “grounded” these last 18 months, I decided to learn to speak Swahili. And read Swahili. And, heck, while I’m at it, write Swahili.

How am I doing so far, a year and a half later? 

Sad to say, my progress has been, well, minimal. I’m too easily distracted from my “daily” to-do item of 15 minutes on Duolingo. 

I knew I had to do something different. I needed a live teacher (no offense little green Duolingo owl). 

I wanted to learn Swahili from a native speaker. But who could I find to teach me?

One day, the answer popped into my mind. 

On one of my last visits, Naomi and George’s oldest son, Leon was teaching English to elementary school children down the road from their old house. 

But that school is too far from their new house. So he’s manning the farm homestead, while waiting his turn for us to raise enough tuition to get him back into college. 

If Leon could teach little ones to read and write Swahili, would he be willing to teach me? 

His twin sisters Paula and Paulette demanded I take classes with them as my teachers when I last visited in the summer of 2019 to celebrate our birthdays together. Leon had been elected as principal of their school and was tasked with grading my daily “exams.”

I wrote. I offered to pay him $50 a month for a year’s worth of lessons, prepaid.

What did he say? 

He said yes!

And then, I realized something… YOU might also want to learn Swahili! 

If you’ve ever had a desire to travel to Kenya, this class is the perfect way to understand the beauty of the Kenyan language and culture. And you can do it at your own pace. 

Through modern technology, we get face to face Swahili lessons, every week – and we can enjoy the classes whatever day and time work best for us! 

Leon will be teaching LIVE on Zoom on Thursdays (at 3pm Kenyan time, 8am Eastern, 7am Central, 6am Mountain, 5am Pacific). Our first class is Thursday, June 3.. 

Join anytime!

Class will be recorded on Zoom. We’ll communicate inside and outside of class using WhatsApp (which can go on your phone, tablet AND computer!). 

The goal is two-fold: you get to learn Swahili with me – and Leon gets to save up money to get back to university! 

Leon has been so amazingly patient waiting to get back to school. Now you and I can make that possible.

Interested in joining me? You gain weekly access to our live classroom, unlimited access to all the Zoom class recordings and unlimited ability to engage with our teacher through the What’s app platform. 

Contact me to request your copy of the initial 5 week’s course outline, plus the course curriculum so you can see what we’ll be covering. The cost of the course is $50/month and it ALL goes to support Leon!

All my love,

If you want to go ahead and sign up for a monthly subscription (billed at $50/month), simply press the “Subscribe” button below and follow the directions for checkout through PayPal.

PS Wanna save some money? You can get a year’s worth of Swahili lessons (12 months) for $500 if you sign up for a whole year! That’s a $100 savings – and this gets Leon back into school that much faster! Simply press the “Buy Now” button below and follow the directions for checkout through PayPal.

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