July 17, 2019


We did it! Thanks to your generosity we were able to get Pastor George and his family moved to the new 2-acre homestead in May (see pictures from our April 2019 post!

AND we have a pledge for $60,000 in the form of a low interest loan, to purchase the property so they’ll never again have to move!

(If you’re interested in learning how you can get 5% on a social impact loan where you do good AND get your money back, drop me an email at revpaula@thevillagegathering.com).

I’m headed back to Kenya the last week of August. We’ll finalize the property purchase, and move forward our projects. I’ll be in country 3 weeks this time. We’re joyfully accepting donations to offset my travel expenses. This way, more money goes toward things like getting all the kids back into school, getting feed and medication for the dairy cows and chickens, and stocking the house with food.

We’d also like to get George on a monthly cellphone plan and bring internet into the house. These will significantly reduce their airtime, internet and transportation costs.

I’ll be speaking at two churches while I’m there – Pastors Atnas and Lydia’s church in Kitale and Pastor Evans of Bungoma. The rest of our time in country will be spent setting into motion our sustainable solutions for the chickens, next steps on our farming projects, creating a new monthly budget and working on both Naomi’s nursing visa and George’s visa to come speak in the US.

Please give as you’re guided:

$1,730 – Round trip airfare Denver to Nairobi
$720 – Car rental in country
$200 – Gas for trip

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