February 28, 2019


Change in plans for today. Last night, George spoke with Richard, the landowner. He was unable to get his flight squared away to fly back to Kenya today for our meeting. He asked if we could meet tomorrow in Nairobi, which would mean staying overnight in Nakuru tonight, waiting to see him Friday afternoon – assuming his plane is on time – then driving a minimum 8 hours back to Kitale. With me speaking Saturday, Sunday and Monday, pulling an all-night road trip didn’t seem feasible. 

Talking with Richard via satellite phone was a slow process, so George spoke with Richard’s wife, who is here in Kenya. We’ve made arrangements to have dinner at their house here in Kitale, “down the road and around the corner” as they say in Kenya, Monday night.

I see Naomi off, as she and George head to Nakuru. I take breakfast on the grassy knoll again, this time with Keith and Lavender. We talk about their thoughts about the house, the location (further from town so not as exciting for a teenage boy), their mom’s death last year, and their desires for schooling and beyond. The idea of exploring Grinnell College as an option is appealing to Lavender and we agree to get more details on that for her. Thanks to the trimester school system here, she will have nearly an extra year before she would have to apply.

I spend the day playing with Paula and Paulette, and writing the travel logs. We alternate. They agree to let me write for an hour. Then they ask me questions and I read a Magic Tree House book to them. Four books in, they show up at my writing table with a piece of paper they would like to show me…a house, with the two of them playing in front of it, with a heart that has their last name in it (KAYE). They tell me that this is the tree house they would like us to build when we come work on the house projects in July. We scout out the yard. Almost all the tall trees are on the edges of the yard. I let them know that there may not be a tree strong enough to hold the house and ask if they would be okay with a play house on the ground if we can’t make it in the tree. They agree that this would be okay with them, as long as I pinky swear that we will build it!

All this typing at the bright computer screen has given me a bit of a headache, so I lie down after lunch (green grams and rice). My first nap the entire trip! 

Pastor George returns from Nakuru around 6pm and we head to the Wi-Fi spot so I can send out the travel blogs I wrote. Then it’s back for chai, dinner and bed at… yup… close to midnight.

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