February 24, 2019


A quick Hoppa ride (a super shuttle for hotels) brought me back to the terminal, where I checked my bags and had nearly three hours left before my flight. The terminal in London reminded me of Las Vegas, as they’ve incorporated the entire duty free area into your journey. It reminded me of walking through the pathways of an Ikea, with the addition of lots of neon, and flashing lights. Once I cleared that area, I settled on a bowl of porridge a banana and coffee for breakfast. We boarded and took off right on time, at 10:10am – for my next 9-hour flight.

Landed in Nairobi close to 10pm on Sunday evening. In Nairobi, you debark onto the tarmac and take a bus to the terminal. It took a fair amount of time to clear customs, and gather my bag. No one other than passengers are actually allowed in the terminal at all – not even the baggage claim section. So Pastor George waited outside and met me with a taxi, we traveled to the western side of Nairobi and settled at the Christian Leadership Student Centre on the University of Nairobi campus. The setting is beautiful – they do seminars and conferences and house folks who come from across Kenya and East Africa to attend, as well as being a way station for missionaries coming into Nairobi on the way to other parts of the country. Like me.

My goal this trip is to assess all the projects on the ground and spend time talking with Pastor George and his family so we can come up with new solutions which will allow them to contribute more to the projects, school fees and their daily expenses. This winter, donations were down over the previous few years. Food has been scarce. And the time bought to keep all the younger children in school, when George rented out the truck and irrigation system, had run out before we had funds to finish paying for the term. I wanted to do everything possible to minimize our travel expenses, so we could put as much money toward food, cooking fuel, small projects and getting at least the 4 youngest children back into school.

A room here at the Centre (with breakfast and all taxes included), is $50. For $100 George and I were able to get two rooms – less than a single hotel room in most places in Kenya.

By the time I settle into the room, shower and my head hits the bed, it is past midnight.

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