February 23, 2019


I had been scheduled to arrive in London by 9:30am, and figured by the time I got through customs, I’d be able to check into my airport hotel, shower, and then do a bit of sightseeing, to get acclimated to the 7-hour time difference. It’s a total of 10-hour time difference from Denver to Nairobi, so making this adjustment would definitely reduce any possibility of jet lag. With the change in our flight schedule, thanks to the snow, I actually arrived closer to 3:30pm in London, so I ditched those plans. By the time I cleared the airport, stowed my bags for the next morning’s flight to Nairobi, and got to the airport, it was nearly 6pm. The woman in front of me as we wound our way through customs was a fellow traveler who had arrived from San Francisco and was also doing an overnight at the same Hilton Gardens hotel. She suggested we share a cab and graciously paid for our cab ride when she learned why I was headed to Kenya. After a shower and dinner, it was nearly 8pm. I organized myself for my 5:30am wake up call. Sleep came quickly.

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