August 29, 2019

Today is “tech support” day. The laptop I brought George in February is acting up and we’re not sure why. The anti-virus isn’t working right and the camera and certain apps like the “dictionary” flash like they’re going to open and then never do.

Since internet service still isn’t set up at the house, George, Irene, Lavender and I head to town. George drops us off at the Westside Hotel so we can use their internet while he heads back into town for another doctor appointment.

The girls work on getting their phones and tablet set up, while I tackle getting the anti-virus software working properly again. It takes me nearly all day to download, activate, scan (had to do a full scan which it self takes more than 3 hours) and then… SUCCESS!

We’re losing daylight at this point and George arrived in perfect timing. We still have party preparations to attend to for the twins’ surprise birthday party at home, including ordering the birthday cake. Much discussion ensues about WHICH bakery makes the best birthday cakes. We stop at Transmart, then Woolmart, before, outnumbered 2:1 by his daughters, George heads to Khetia’s. The baked goods here are H.U.G.E. I take a picture of a chocolate croissant using my hand to demonstrate its size. The cream puffs are about the size of a sixteen inch softball. Before I drool on the counter, a man steps up to take our order. We stick to ordering JUST the birthday cake. He asks what we want written on it. We giggle and tell them to put “Happy Birthday to Paula, Paulette and Mama Chapati.”

Mission accomplished, we head to Tusky’s in the new “shopping mall,” which is a gated strip mall, housing the one-stop grocery store, a phone store, a gym and several banks. As we drive away from Khetia’s I realize the new building going up next to the store is the gray and red striped building I could see out the window of lawyer’s office. No wonder it smelled like fresh baked bread – the aroma was wafting up from the Khetia bakery!

Every time we pull into the Tusky’s parking lot, the guard stops us and runs a long metal pole with a mirror around the entire underside of the car. With two international banks on site, they’re always on alert, checking for bombs.

At Tusky’s we begin going through the list of potential gifts for the twins. We find pencils, and two “fashion” kits for Barbie dolls. But we don’t find any of the Barbie type dolls they’re wanting, or the doll house set we they had last week.

We wander every aisle gathering up the items on our list. One of the items on our list is a bathing costume for me. It truly is a costume, compared to my Speedo swimsuit. All the girls are set to go swimming with me tomorrow and I need something modest to wear. We are in Tusky’s so long we actually close the market!

We head home, stopping at the produce stands and the meat market on our way. Another late dinner means bedtime comes around 1 a.m.

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