Posted 5 years ago


Irene is now entering her third year of undergraduate studies where she’s studying pre-law with an emphasis on International Contract Law. We made an “executive decision” for me to NOT come speak at the first ever New Thought Conference in Kenya (hosted by CSL Kenya in Nairobi). By foregoing travel fees, we managed to get Irene back into school for the January term. She has 3 semesters left. Her school only has off-campus housing; her remaining tuition, room and board comes to $5,500 total. With 10 people committing to $30/month for 18 months she can graduate!

Irene graduated from Mary Seat of Wisdom Bulimbo Girl’s High School, in Matungu. She was Christian Union Vice-Chair, head of class in Mathematics, Drama Club Leader, Dorm Prefect, and a member of the school choir. She is currently a third year undergraduate at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Agriculture studying Law. OPPORTUNITY: Six people giving $500 twice a year is all we need! Tuition: $1650/twice a year. Hostel: $900 twice a year. Last quarter balance: $260, Transport: $100