Sustainable Farming Accomplishments

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More than 75% of Kenyans survive only because of “subsistence” farming – raising just enough crops on their land to feed themselves and sell or barter locally for enough to cover basic costs. With widespread loopholes in the inheritance laws, many widows and orphans have found themselves without even land to grow crops. Since 2007, we’ve helped 6 families through our Widows and Orphans Farm projects. We tilled and planted seeds, weeded and fertilized, helped harvest, and taught them to set aside seeds to be used again the next year. The 2019 lifting of the GMO ban may require us to revisit our Widows and Orphans Farms as GMO seeds do not produce crop seeds that can be re-sown. Now, we’re working on sustainable farming and transitioning to organic farming. These farming projects employ local labor, seed growing companies, and tractor operators. 

Where Your Donation Goes

Five years in, our harvests now pay for the annual land rental, tilling, labor and seeds/seedlings. Plus provide additional food for the family farmer. The more land we can rent (or buy), the more we can grow! We’re digging clean wells (for drinking and irrigation) and building water tanks, testing “luxury” crops on homesteads for potential as full agricultural crops, expanding gardens and orchards on homestead properties, creating gravity-fed irrigation systems, and building up our animal husbandry program (currently cows and chickens, soon expanding into goats), providing milk, eggs and meat for family consumption and sales. You can help support these projects:

Empower People

Find a project that aligns with your heart. Help Kenyans earn a living wage. Pay to have a book translated, hire a minister to speak in the United States. Lend money through a low-interest social impact loan.

Make A Donation

With the favorable exchange rate, everything you give makes a huge difference. One-time, recurring, legacy gifts, matching funds. 100% tax deductible. 95%+ goes to direct project costs to transform people’s lives.

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Give a MEANING-FULL Gift for Kenyans or you!

Buy "gifts" directly for our Kenyan families - like a goat, school supplies, a toilet, a mattress, solar panels, water filters, ballet lessons, swim classes - even school tuition. Buy copies of the Swahili version of "Giving Thanks" or "Lessons in Truth" for us to distribute in Kenya and pay our translators. Or grab a copy of George's book, "Forward Ever, Backward Never" for yourself.  

Your "Trash" Is a Kenyan Family's TREASURE

Got used smartphone, tablet and chargers, gently used shoes, suits, ties, dresses, blouses, skirts, and unopened lotion, soap, shampoo, vitamins, supplements, sheets and pillowcases, educational, DIY or children's books? Our Kenyan families can put them to great use!