Hello! Do you want to know what are we doing?

The Kenyan people we serve through these projects inspire us in the ways they empower others,
preserve democracy and heal families. We hope they inspire you, too. 

Quality Education

Early start, fresh start, and opportunities for success.

Financial Stability

Moving from survival to life-long sustainability.

Home Improvement

Ensuring housing security over homelessness.

Sustainable Farming

Community farms employ locals & feed families.

Spiritual Support

Positive tools for growth and reconciliation.

Health & Wellness

Clean water and local access to medical care.

Kids in School

Crops Harvested

Lives Touched

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I donate to The Village Gathering?

There are many incredible ways you can make a difference with The Village Gathering. You can share your time, energy, knowledge, financial resources, connections – even  things you’re not using anymore. You can donate online, via Venmo, or mail-in donations. You can set up a monthly or annual donation. You can make a legacy donation or donate stocks, bonds or other assets. You can donate to a specific project, a specific child or family member, or a specific ministry. You can donate to our travel or general funds.

Details on our current needs and specific donation information can be found here.

How can I help your organization?

You can help immensely by spreading the word and actively engaging other people, sharing why and how we’re creating sustainable solutions in Kenya. Enlist your sorority, organization members, church group, family or best pals to adopt one of our projects. List us as a preferred charity everywhere you can. Recommend us to folks connected with donor-advised funds. Write about us on your social media. Hire one of our Kenyan translators to translate a book into Swahili, or book a Kenyan minister in America!

Another way to help is through “impact investing.” Make a no- or low-interest loan where you can make a big difference in our projects AND get your principal back.

Email us from our Contact page to discuss particulars or to set up a phone call.

I want to help in Kenya! How can I join you?

You can join us on any of our upcoming service visits. We schedule them one at a time. 

We also offer the opportunity to join a service/safari trip if “going on safari” is on your bucket list. The trip includes time in one of Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara National Parks. 

And if you’re not up for international travel, we welcome sponsorship donations for folks we are interested in coming to be of service!

Meet our
Amazing Team!

Inagharimu Kijiji

It truly takes a village to raise a child. In Kenya, they say, “one hand does not nurse a child.” Inagharimu Kijiji. We are grateful for every donor who has ever contributed to this work since 2007. You’ve made lifechanging differences for children, widows, and families. You’ve kept people alive – literally, with food, shelter, education, employment and peace-keeping skills. From the folks who keep the home fires burning and volunteer their skills here at home, to the Kenyans who generously open their homes and hearts to us, we are grateful. Our organization is led, in particular, by two people.


Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan

Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan

Founder, Senior Minister

The Gathering at Cocoa Village was founded in 2007 as a brick and mortar non-denominational church in Florida based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, Lessons in Truth, Science of Mind, Divine Science and other New Thought teachings.. Paula is an ordained Independent Unity Minister. Our work in Kenya began in 2008 when Paula was invited by Pastor George to teach the principles from her book, Giving Thanks. She has spoken at churches, ordinations and conferences across Kenya and has provided prayer support, conflict reconciliation counseling and financial/budgeting strategies to those seeking a change in perception and inner peace.

Connect with Paula on her personal website (paulalangguthryan.com) or read her latest articles at Medium.com.

Pastor George Kaye

Pastor George Kaye

Kenya Coordinator, Associate Minister

George oversees our educational, agricultural, ministerial and translation projects on the ground in Kenya. He also travels to Uganda, South Africa and America to speak, minister and increase his knowledge in ministry and farming techniques. George is passionate about children’s education, having had his schooling interrupted repeatedly after his father died while he was a young boy. A former corporate manager, he was called to ministry – which meant releasing his job, his home and his car. An ordained Anglican minister, he became an evangelical preacher after he was defrocked for giving communion to any worshipper who sincerely desired it. 

To get a FREE copy of Forward Ever, Backwards Never: One Man’s Journey to Create a Sustainable Kenya by Pastor George, click here and use the coupon code “INTA2021” at checkout.

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